What are the benefits of living in The Villages at Coverley?
There are numerous benefits of living in The Villages at Coverley:
  • Our homes are strong, perfectly engineered pre-cast concrete with excellent features & finishes;
  • Natural gas powered appliances including dryer;
  • Coverley Square and its amenities – convenient one-stop-shop;
  • Lifestyle Community, central location, clean & well maintained development;
  • Water Reclamation Facility – potable and recycled water adds to green development;
  • Underground utilities.

Postal Sites

Is the Postal Site for incoming and outgoing mail?
Yes, the Postal Site is used for both incoming and outgoing mail.
Can the Postal Site be used for additional parking?
Yes, anyone can use the additional parking in the Postal Site.
Can the Postal Site area be used as a location for homeowners’ private functions?
Yes, activities can be arranged in the Postal Sites with prior approval from the Property Manager.

Maintenance Of The Villages

What is The Villages at Coverley doing for garbage solutions? (i.e., garbage truck)
Garbage collection is arranged with SSA and managed by the Property Management Company.
Who maintains unoccupied properties and common areas?
The Property Management Company.
Who is responsible for the maintenance of the homeowner’s house?
The homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of their homes.

Coverley Square

What bus do I take to get to The Villages at Coverley?

You may take the Marley Vale, St. Patricks' or Lowlands' buses to get to The Villages at Coverley.

What amenities will be available in Coverley Square?
Everything from doctor offices, restaurants, supermarket and gas station to shopping, gym and much more.
Can we purchase golf carts to commute throughout The Villages?
Of course you can purchase golf carts, which will save your money on petrol.
What are the opening hours of Coverley Square?
Please click here for opening hours of the businesses in Coverley Square.
Are there regular activities in Coverley Square?
Yes. The Villages offers amenities such as dining, live entertainment and recreation activities. We have various events throughout the year which are free and open to the public. 
Is Coverley Square accessible to the outside public?

Yes it is, and homeowners can invite family and friends as well.

Financing - Coverley Mortgages

General Questions

Is the furniture included when you purchase a house?

No, only natural gas appliances (fridge and stove ) are included in the purchase of your home.

What is the average light bill and water bill?
The average light bill and water bill will depend on each household’s usage. 
Can you park your car on the road in front of your house?
You should park your car in your driveway to avoid congestion in the neighbourhoods.
Can you install Air-conditioning units?
Yes, you can install a multi-split air-conditioning unit which includes three air-conditioning evaporators on one condenser.
Is the land yours when you buy the house?
Yes, the land is yours and the term for this is called freehold.
What is the approximate land tax per year?
The land tax per year is approximately BDS$99 to BDS$153.
Can you construct a dog house?
Yes, you can construct a dog house as long as it is approved.
Can you have pets?
Yes, you can have two pets per household.

Home Interior

Can you have an electric garage opener?
Yes, these are available.
Can you install wrought iron?
Wrought iron can be installed; however permission is needed from the Property Manager in writing and the design must be approved.
Can you purchase your home without the appliances?
Yes, you can purchase your home without appliances.
Can we renovate our homes?
Yes, the interior of your home can be renovated.
Can I change the colour of the inside of my home?
Yes, you can change the colour of any room inside your home.

Home Exterior

Does the water heater come with the house?
Yes, the solar water heater does come with the house and includes warranty coverage from the suppliers.
What is the Zero Lot Line Concept?
The Zero Lot Line concept is a modern development technique which maximizes the use of land for the benefit of all homeowners and by doing so permits homeowners access to more affordable properties.
Can you put down stepping stones where needed?
Yes, as long as the stepping stones do not intrude on anyone else’s property, and this requires approval from the Property Manager in writing.
Can you install Multi Choice or Direct TV?
Yes, you can install Multi Choice or Direct TV.
Can I switch to solar power for electricity and put other panels on my roof?
Yes, you can install solar powered electricity panels on your roof; however, permission is needed from the Property Manager in writing.
What is on the roof?
Our roofs are asphalt shingles.
Will the railings on the patio rust?
No, the railings are aluminum so they will not rust.
What is the fencing made of?
Our fencing is made from high quality UPVC.
Can you convert the garage?

Yes, you can convert your garage into another room, i.e. entertainment room, bedroom, or study.

Will you ever be able to change the colour of the exterior of your home?
Yes, you can change the exterior colour of your home using  the colours which have been approved by the developer.
Who is responsible for the maintenance of the homeowner’s house?
The homeowner is responsible for the maintenance of their house.
Who maintains homeowners’ landscaping?
Homeowners maintain their properties but can each benefit from using our landscapers at an attractive rate.
Can you plant flowers and trees?
Yes, you can plant flowers and trees keeping in mind the root system and the height of these plants and trees. Landscaping packages are available.
Can you extend a deck from your patio?
Yes, you can extend a deck from your existing patio but this needs to be approved.
Can you install hurricane shutters?
Yes, you can install hurricane shutters with approval from the Property Manager.

Wastewater Reclamation Facility

What is the Wastewater Treatment Facility?
The Wastewater Treatment Facility is a State of the Art facility. It utilizes the latest membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology and treats up to 450,000 USgpd of wastewater generated from the kitchens and bathrooms of the homes and commercial buildings in the development. This reclaimed water is chlorinated to kill bacteria and can be used for irrigation, toilet flushing and other non-potable uses in the homes and offices, thus greatly reducing the need for potable water usage.