Purchases can be made in cash or we can provide the current available residential mortgage rates and terms being offered by the financial institutions and the Credit Unions.

Incentives for Purchasing

Cash Purchases

  • For sales closed 30 days after the signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement, clients will be rewarded with a BDS$2,500.00 credit applied towards their monthly Property Maintenance fees.
  • For sales closed 60days after the signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement, clients will be rewarded with a BDS$1,500.00 credit applied towards their monthly Property Maintenance fees.
  • Overseas residents are offered a BDS$1,000.00 credit when they complete the purchase of a  home at The Villages.

Special conditions apply and all fees are subject to change.


Additional Pros of Purchasing


A – AMENITIES Include Coverley Square as well as playparks, postal sites and beautifully landscaped common areas.

B – BEDROOMS 2, 3 and 4-bedroom options are available.

C – COVERLEY SQUARE Is located in the centre of this Lifestyle Community. Everything from banking and retail to restaurants and coffee shops, supermarket, gas station, 24-hour medical facility, gym, day-care, preschool and much, much more, can be found here.

D – DAY CARE This will provide residents with a safe, reliable and convenient option for childcare within the community.

E – EASY Financing and sales closures with our own Coverley Mortgages which provide a one-stop solution for all your financing needs. Our mortgage costs are low making it easier for you to qualify and by using the attorneys recommended, the time for closing is reduced.

G – GARAGE DOORS Each unit is equipped with a garage door which will provide protection and shelter for your vehicle as well as being an aesthetically pleasing finish to your home.

H – HOME “A NEW PLACE TO CALL HOME” There are various styles of homes to choose from – Casuarina, Sugar Cane, Ginger Lily and Bougainvillea.

I – INSURANCE The developer has negotiated attractive rates and the first year can be included in the mortgage.

J – JOB OPPORTUNITY Jobs will be available within Coverley Square due to the many businesses which will be located in there.

K – KITCHEN Hardwood kitchens installed complete with granite countertops and natural gas appliances.

L – LOCATION Located just off the ABC Highway close to the airport, fast food restaurants, Oistins, the beach and many other amenities.

M – COVERLEY MEDICAL CENTRE Will be open to the public for family, urgent and emergency care. The Centre will also be home to HealthSmart Pharmacy and Coverley Diagnostic Services which will offer X-ray, ultra sound and mammography services. Coverley Medical Centre now has Resident Benefits and registered residents will have access to the following:

– Priority Access – minimal wait times and personable service

– Preferential Rates – 10% discount on consultation

– Assign insurance benefits for annual check-ups and pay NOTHING outside of the insurance coverage!

N – NEIGHBOURS It’s always nice to live in a community with neighbours. Get to know your neighbours at the communal areas and during the various events regularly scheduled for Coverley Square.

O – ORIGINAL This development concept is the first of its kind in Barbados.

P – PRICE The houses at The Villages at Coverley are attractively priced, giving you great value for your money.

Q – QUALITY OF FINISHES Granite counter tops, ceramic tiles throughout, mouldings around windows and doorways, skirting boards, trowel plastic finished walls, interlocking brick driveways and fenced, landscaped grounds.

R – ROOFS Treated pine rafters and ridgepole covered with treated T111 and asphalt shingles with seamless guttering and down pipes.

S – SOLAR-POWERED Street Lights – A more environmentally-friendly solution for a greener Barbados.

T – TAX You can write-off your mortgage interest, insurance premium and maintenance cost from your annual income tax to the maximum allowance.

U – UNDERGROUND UTILITIES There will be no unsightly poles or lines around in the individual villages. Also a reduced risk of problems in the event of bad weather.

V – VILLAS 17 villa neighbourhoods comprise the development.

W – WATER RECLAMATION FACILITY The development comprises a state-of-the-art Water Reclamation Facility. This plant will treat waste water generated from kitchens and bathrooms of the homes and commercial buildings in the Square. This treated water can then be used for irrigation, toilet flushing and other non-potable uses in the home and businesses within the Square, thus greatly reducing the need for potable water usage.

X – ‘X’ Marks the spot for the only Lifestyle Community development in Barbados and the Caribbean.

Y – YARD Each house will have its own private yard for your family’s enjoyment.

Z – ZERO LOT LINE A concept created to achieve the most efficient use of land, allowing houses to be built in a space-effective and attractive way therefore giving the purchaser the best value for money.