The Villages at Coverley is the first Zero Lot Line residential housing development in the Caribbean. Zero Lot Line is a modern development technique which maximizes the use of land for the benefit of all homeowners and by doing so permits homeowners access to more affordable properties.

Each residence within the development is constructed approximately in the centre of its Lot. However each Lot will benefit from various easements granted to it in perpetuity from the Lot adjoining to the Front Side of the Lot and the Road side of the Lot. Similarly, each Lot will provide such easements to the lot adjoining to the Rear side of the Lot. Easements represent legal rights of way for the Lot which benefits from the easement (defined as the “dominant tenement”). When one lot (the “dominant tenement”) has an easement over another Lot (the “servient tenement”), the Lot which benefits from the easement has the full right of use at all times and is responsible for the maintenance and landscaping of that portion of land to which the easement relates.



Here is an illustration depicting four lots configured as an example of this concept. For example, Lot B enjoys the following easements: