Sitting by her laptop doing what she loves with a rumpunch in hand, we asked homeowner Diann Blades howshe describes her experience of living in The Villages whentalking to her family and friends.
With the smile she always wears, she replied “It was one
of the best decisions I ever made. I lived in a four-bedroom, two storey house with a lot of land that I had totake care of. Now I don’t have a lot of outside space to
look after, instead I have A LOT of friends and neighbours AND we have a ‘ball’ in here!”


Greener Driving!

Keep your car properly tuned for optimum performance- A properly maintained vehicle can improveits efficiency, reduce emissions and save you money. Regular engine performance maintenance willhelp you burn less gas, pollute less, and prevent car trouble down the line. This will include checkingthe spark plugs, replacing the fuel and air filters, replacing ignition system and/or emission systemparts if needed and ensuring the on board computer control system is working properly.
Improve gas mileage by 4% on a proper tune-up and up to 40% when fixing a serious maintenanceproblem such as a faulty oxygen sensor. Worn or fouled spark plugs can cause the engine to losepower or misfire and waste fuel.
To read more ‘green car tips’ you can visit this link- http://www.carcare.org/go-green/steps-to-a-


The live sounds from Andre Woodvine on the saxophone and Stefan Van den Bossche on the guitarcould be heard in the background as residents of The Villages at Coverley and the Barbadian publicenjoyed the finest wines available from the various Wine distributors present. For the first hour,patrons had the opportunity to introduce their palates to new products as each distributor gave freesamples. Throughout the evening laughter, chatter and the clinking of glasses were prominent aspatrons made their way through Coverley Square, not only sampling the various wines, but alsococktails and hors d’oeuvres being offered from each booth.

A sincere thank you goes out to the amazing brands who participated in our event: Hanschell Inniss,Bryden Stokes, The Grape Vine and Wine World. We also want to offer special thanks to GreenMonkey, The Oasis Bar and all of our residents and other patrons who came out for what was awonderful evening for some Wine & Jazz!