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Listed below are the Covenants:

  1. Every Owner of a Residential Unit shall observe and perform the conditions attached to the permissions of the Chief Town Planner applicable to The Villages at Coverley in so far as the same are to be observed and performed by the owner for the time being of any Residential Unit forming part of The Villages at Coverley and shall indemnify the Vendor in relation to any breach thereto.
  2. To observe and perform the conditions, restrictions, stipulations and spirit of any rules promulgated from time to time by the Vendor in respect of The Villages at Coverley.
  3. Not to erect on any Lot any buildings or erections other than freehold erections and buildings.
  4. Not to erect on any Lot any buildings or erections not in keeping with the design concept of the buildings erected on the Lots forming part of The Villages at Coverley approved by the Vendor.
  5. Not to build or erect or maintain on any easement or right of way on a Lot a structure of any kind.
  6. Not to keep upon any Lot any animals, birds or reptiles other than birds, fish, dogs and cats which are household pets and not to keep more than two (2) such household pets on the Lot.  No other animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any Lot in The Villages at Coverley.
  7. Not to use any Lot for any trade or business whatsoever provided however that the renting of any dwelling house on a Lot shall not be deemed to be a trade or business.
  8. No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on in or on any Residential Unit with the exception of the business of the Vendor in constructing The Villages at Coverley.
  9. Not to place or erect any sign of any kind on any Lot without the prior written consent of the Vendor, except customary name and address signs and one sign advertising a Residential Unit for sale or rent which shall be no larger than twelve (12) inches wide and twelve (12) inches high and which shall be located wholly within the residence and only visible through a window of the residence shall be permitted.
  10. Not to place any lawn ornaments on any Lot, and except for seasonal decorations which seasonal display shall not exceed a thirty (30) day duration, not to display any decoration on the Lot.
  11. Not to subdivide a Lot on which the Residential Unit is or will be constructed or in any way alter the boundaries of any Lot except with the written permission of the Vendor.
  12. Not to construct or maintain any fence, or other dividing structure on any Residential Unit, except that the Vendor and the successors and assigns of the Vendor may construct fences in accordance with existing architectural plans.
  13. Not to place a hedge on a Lot other than a hedge placed against a fence constructed by the Vendor and such hedge shall be kept and maintained at all times by the Owner to a height of not more than six inches below the top of such fence.
  14. No bush, shrub, tree, or other similar plant may be placed within the road reserve of any Lot.
  15. No ingress or egress to or from any Residential Unit is permitted except pursuant to such driveways and sidewalks as originally constructed by the Vendor.
  16. Not to cultivate or grow on any Lot or any land comprised in The Villages at Coverley any trees or shrubs which shall come into contact with the cables or wires of any public utility or other services which may be suspended upon poles over the lands of The Villages at Coverley and that if any such trees or shrubs shall grow upon any land comprised in The Villages at Coverley the agents or servants of the utility company whose cables or wires shall have come into contact with such trees or shrubs will be permitted to enter into and upon the said Lot or parcel of land and to cut or trim such trees or shrubs in order to free the said cables or wires from contact therewith but not further or otherwise.
  17. Not to erect or construct any outbuilding, tent, shack, garage, trailer, shed, utility building or temporary building of any kind on a Lot, except temporarily only for construction purposes.
  18. Not to construct a water tank, garden shed or dog house on a Lot without the prior approval of the Vendor and only clear (non-colored) concrete and driveway coatings shall be permitted by the Vendor. No colored coating shall be permitted by the Vendor.
  19. Not to hang clothes or run clotheslines or place clothes poles on a Lot except with the approval of the Vendor.
  20. Not to erect aerials, satellite reception dishes, or antennas of any kind except Multichoice TV antennas and Direct TV Satellites which are approved by the Vendor.
  21. Not to install window air-conditioners on any Residential Unit without the approval of the Vendor and irrigation wells are not permitted on a Lot.
  22. Not to keep any rubbish, trash, garbage, or other waste material awaiting collection except in sanitary containers located in appropriate areas concealed from public view.
  23. Not to place curbside for collection, any garbage except garbage contained in plastic bags prescribed by the Barbados Sanitation Department and placed curbside no earlier than the day before scheduled pick-up. In the alternative, the Vendor shall have the right to require that garbage be placed in a dumpster and not placed curbside. In either event, all garbage must be contained in fully closed and sealed plastic bags prescribed by the Vendor.
  24. Not to injure disfigure or destroy and plant tree or shrub planted on any Lot or on any part of The Villages at Coverley.
  25. Not to park, store, or keep any vehicle on a Lot or roadway except wholly within the driveway or garage. Not to park any truck in excess of two (2) tons, camper, boat trailer, or any vehicle other than a private non-commercial vehicle in any parking space however a boat may be kept in the garage of a Lot with the garage door closed.
  26. Not to repair or restore any motor vehicle, boat, trailer or other vehicle on any portion of any Residential Unit, except for emergency repairs, and then only to the extent necessary to enable movement thereof to a proper repair facility.
  27. Not to use or permit the road reserve or any part thereof to be used for the purpose of the mixing of cement or concrete or for any purpose other than that of passage.
  28. No building structure or landscaping shall be altered in, constructed on, or removed from any Lot except with the written consent of the Vendor, after the original construction thereof by the Vendor.
  29. The Owner of a Residential Unit must use his Residential Unit in such a manner as to allow his neighbors to enjoy the use of their property and radios, record players, television, voices and other sounds are to be kept on a moderate level from such times as the Vendor shall prescribe. These restrictions shall not apply to construction noises being made by the Vendor.
  30. Each Owner of a Residential Unit shall, at his sole cost and expense, repair his Residential Unit keeping the same in a condition comparable to the condition of such Residential Unit at the time of its initial construction, excepting only normal wear and tear.
  31. Each Owner of a Residential Unit shall be responsible for maintaining in a mowed, edged, neat and clean manner:
    • that portion of his Residential Unit not subject to sideyard or driveway easements.
    • the sideyard easement area, driveway easement area on an adjacent Residential Unit which he is entitled to use
    • the unpaved area between an adjacent roadway or walkway located in the road right of way and the Owner’s Residential Unit.
  32. Owners of Residential Units shall perpetually maintain the vegetation located on their Residential Units consistent with good horticultural practice.
  33. Owners of Residential Units shall be responsible for all fence maintenance and shall paint and keep clean all fences as follows:
    • The gate on the front fence shall be maintained by the Owner enjoying the use of the adjacent sideyard area.
    • Owners shall be responsible for maintenance and repair of the structural integrity of all fences serving the Owners’ Residential Unit whether on the Owner’s Residential Unit or on an adjacent Residential Unit.
    • Where a fence serves more than one Residential Unit, the cost of maintaining and repairing the structural integrity of the fence shall be shared among the respective Owners served by such fence.
    • Owners of Residential Units must maintain the exterior of the fence on their Residential Unit and are encouraged to do so in a cooperative and uniform manner with other adjacent Residential Unit Owners so as to present to the public a uniform well maintained appearance of The Villages at Coverley as a whole.
    • All gates and fences must be of a uniform color and type of paint. Owners intending to paint must contact the Vendor for paint specifications.