frequently asked questions


There are numerous benefits of living in The Villages at Coverley:

  • Our homes are strong, perfectly engineered pre-cast concrete with excellent features & finishes;
  • Coverley Square and its amenities – convenient one-stop-shop;
  • Lifestyle Community, central location, clean & well maintained development;
  • Water Reclamation Facility – potable and recycled water adds to green development;
  • Underground utilities

Maintenance Of The Villages

Garbage collection occurs per week on Fridays. 

The Property Maintenance fee is for the maintenance of all common areas such as the postal sites, roads and sidewalks, landscaped areas, streetlights, town square, pavilion, sports facility, etc. 

The homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of their homes, including landscaping. 

No, Housing Concepts SRL does not retain any Homeowners’ keys.

The Property Maintenance fee may increase based on the National Inflation Index. 

There are two lines supplying homes with potable and non-potable water. Each line has its own meter. The potable water line supplies all water for drinking, sinks and showers, while the non-potable water line supplies all water closets and can be used for irrigation or washing cars.

The water is supplied and invoiced to Housing Concepts SRL (by the BWA) who in turn distribute and invoice potable and non-potable water to the residents. 

General Questions

No, only appliances (fridge, stove, washer and dryer) are included in the purchase of your home. 

The average bill depends on each household’s usage. However, due to the effective installation of the electrical infrastructure as well as the access to both potable and non-potable water, the utility bills should be 20 to 30 percent lower than that of a similar-sized home in other neighbourhoods. 

Yes, the land is yours and the term for this is called freehold.

The land tax per year is dependent on the improved value of the homes. As a result, this expense can range from $99 to $220 per year. 

Homeowners are allowed two domestic pets per household.

A dog house may be constructed as long as it is approved by the Management of Housing Concepts SRL.

Yes, however, outgoing mail must have postage affixed. 

Yes, Residents may use the additional parking in the Postal Site.

Homeowners may apply to the Management of Housing Concepts SRL for such permission.

Parking on the road is prohibited, not only for safety reasons but to avoid congestion. Cars must be parked in your driveway. Communal parking is located at the entrance to each villages and these areas are paved with grasscrete. 

Medical Centre and Radiology, restaurants including coffee shop, supermarket, gas station, banking, gym, car rental, alternative therapy and more. 

There are several activities which occur in Coverley Square.

Yes, and Homeowners can invite family and friends to enjoy the amenities.

Home Interior

Yes, these are available.

Wrought iron may be installed.

Homeowners may renovate only the interior of their home. Any enhancements to the exterior must be approved by the Management of Housing Concepts SRL and cannot change the footprint of the home. 

Yes, you can change the colour of any room inside your home.

Yes. Homeowners may install air-conditioning units.

Home Exterior

Yes, and it is inclusive of the supplier’s warranty.

Yes, as long as the stepping stones/pavers do not encroach on another property. 

Homeowners may change the exterior colour of their home once approval of the preferred colour is provided by the Management of Housing Concepts SRL. 

Homeowners may convert their garage into another room eg., entertainment room, bedroom, or study. The external facade of the garage door may be changed but the design must be approved by the Management of Housing Concepts SRL. 

Yes, however written permission is needed from the Management of Housing Concepts SRL.

Roof finishes differ from Village to Village; the most common roof finish is asphalt shingle tiles. UPVC roofing sheets and concrete roofs are also used in some Villages. 

The railings are aluminum so they will not rust.

Fencing varies from Village to Village; however, the most common fencing throughout the Development is the white UPVC fencing. Green PVC coated fencing are also used in some Villages and throughout the Development. 

Yes, however, Homeowners are encouraged to be mindful of the root system and the height of these plants and trees. Any trees other than shrubs must receive the approval of the Management of Housing Concepts SRL. 

Yes, Homeowners may extend with a deck, but the design must be approved by the Management of Housing Concepts SRL, and approval from the Town and Country Development Planning Office may be required. 

Yes, hurricane shutters may be installed with approval from the Management of Housing Concepts SRL.