Water Reclamation Facility


Water reclamation is essentially the process by which wastewater from homes and businesses alike is cleaned using biological and chemical technologies. Water reclamation assists in the reduction of pollution to bodies of water by diverting wastewater. Using reclaimed water for non-potable uses saves potable water for drinking. Another great benefit of reclaimed water is that it can sometimes contain higher levels of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and oxygen which can help in the fertilization of soil for all your gardening needs.

Our Wastewater Treatment Facility is a state-of-the-art facility. It utilizes the latest membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology and will treat up to 450,000 USgpd (US gallons per day) of wastewater generated from kitchens and bathrooms of the homes and commercial buildings in the development. This reclaimed water is chlorinated to kill bacteria and can be used for irrigation, toilet flushing and other non-potable uses in homes and offices, thus greatly reducing the need for potable water usage.


Communal Mailboxes

Various villages share a communal location where each house has an allocated mailbox for which residents will be given a key when they purchase their home. This eliminates the need for postal service mail delivery to each house.  At each of the mailbox locations there is parking available so that residents can conveniently collect their mail. Therefore there is no postal service mail delivery to each house. The mailbox number corresponds with the house number and should therefore be included in your mailing address.

Environmental Commitment

The Villages at Coverley is the first housing initiative which is committed to environmental stewardship, protecting natural resources and enhancing the quality of life.

The Villages at Coverley is playing its part to sustain the environment by ensuring that wherever possible, measures are put in place to reduce the use of energy and water wastage. Sustainability of the environment is a systematic effort that flows from every member of our community. Here, we encourage our residents to play their respective parts in maintaining the environment for the betterment of our future society.

Our Water Reclamation Facility and our solar and wind-powered street lights, are just the beginning of our commitment to ensuring a greener Barbados. We also added recycling to our list of commitments and we encourage all our residents to sign up for this program. Residents, remember you can sign up by contacting the Property Management Office on 627-4229 and the collection day for recyclables is every Thursday.