• Camille Alleyne

     “Hello – my name is Camille Alleyne ”  - Mango Villas The Villages at Coverley, for us, is a new place to call home in more ways than one.  In other words, we don’t just enjoy living in the house we occupy where we can relax on our deck in the back and watch monkeys play amongst the dunks trees a few metres away, but just outside our front door, we have an entire facility available to us, every day of the year. Where else in Barbados would we benefit from a lifestyle, filled with an array of recreational and sporting activities, night life, restaurants and shopping opportunities? Our family is home-schooled and comprises of two adults and four children (including two teens) – each of us with different needs and interests.  In spite of these differences, all of us adore living in The Villages at Coverley, where there is always somewhere to go and something to do. When my husband and I want to have fun, we go to the Recreation Centre for Table Tennis or Scrabble.  We often exercise on the playing field before having lessons on the benches near the pavilion. On hot days, the airconditioned comfort of the Recreation Centre is ideal, plus, the patio just outside The Hibiscus Room, has a beautiful view of the playing field and it is a peaceful, cool and breezy option. When our teenage sons need to get away to study, they can choose to sit by any of the fish ponds in the square. There is so much more to say about The Villages at Coverley, like the opportunities for volunteerism and the friendly and considerate neighbours, as well as the pleasant and helpful staff.  However, we will just say that we are extremely happy that we chose to live in this community.
  • Anonymous

    We LOVE it here! As first time home owners our experience has been one that has been stress free and extremely rewarding. We were unsure at first; as most persons looking on from the highway would be; however after taking a tour with our sales representative Germyn and Project Manager Rondell we were convinced this was the place for us to reside. We were so impressed that we took several tours and was constantly in contact with our sales rep, who always made us feel welcomed and important. The Villages at Coverley has an international environment, with granite kitchen counters, fully tiled house, ceiling fans and they even give you appliances! It is quiet, clean and when you live here you know you are at "home". One of the great advantages for living at the Villages at Coverley is that you are not alone, the staff are always helpful and friendly and as they are stationed at the villages, whenever there is a concern they are minutes away! My advice, is to take the tour, there are different style houses to suit your personal style and they are always improving and remodeling to show you the options that are available. When the villages are completed, this would be the place to live- restaurants, shops, banks, gym, sporting pavilion and lots more to come!
  • Earlena Wood

    Our first Saturday night at Coverley and we met 5 families most with children and this was an impromptu meeting.  All from a side of the road hello!!  At the end of the night, we had kids in playground, laughter at the corner, and ended up with a walk to chicken barn, all 12 of us.. An Excellent Saturday night!!! Also I have started to introduce myself to the other "mangoians"
  • Juanita Best

    It has been 4 months since I moved into my new home in The Villages at Coverley. I have finally found a place to call my own that is comfortable enough for me and my son. I have settled in and I am currently enjoying the peace and quiet of my new neighborhood. As far as I am concerned my “Ginger Lily” style home was tailor made for me with a garage for my car, a study for my desk and many books, a linen closet and a beautiful kitchen to boot. What is even more pleasing is that my bedroom comfortably holds my queen size bed and all the other bedroom furniture that I brought over from my old home.  What I most appreciate about the getting the house is that it came equipped with the essential appliances that all I had to do was move in and start enjoying the comforts that it had to offer. I really do like the concept that is the Villages at Coverley and I am looking forward to the day when all the houses will be occupied and the Coverley Square will be completed with all the amenities planned.
  • Christopher and Tracy Symmonds

    Like most people, we had heard several things about 'The Villages at Coverley' and frankly not all were entirely flattering, but we decided to see The Villages for ourselves. We visited twice before committing and found that the sales team was refreshingly knowledgeable and professional. They made it a point to book appointments and I was pleasantly surprised to get a call 10 minutes before the appointment to confirm that we were still meeting. We had the opportunity to interact with the Sales Associates and found them to be equally focused and business-like, while exhibiting patience and great enthusiasm. Generally, we would say that our first brushes with The Villages were an eye-opener because it dispelled many of the negative myths. Now that we are residents in The Villages at Coverley, we continue to enjoy the experience of our new home, complete with a range of amenities including restaurants, a café and a medical centre in the neighbourhood
  • Stacia Archer

    A few months ago we decided that it was time to get our own home and raise our family; however we were shocked at the process, the amount of money required and how long everything was expected to take, however we tried to make that start.  For us the struggle started with trying to find the right piece of land the right type of house to work with in our budget but I just didn’t work.  It was at this point that I thought that within this economy and how everything was going we would never be able to own a piece of the rock. Seeing my turmoil and frustration, my sister encouraged us to try “ The Villages at Coverley. As she spoke so highly of this place, her zeal stirred an interest to view this amazing establishment that was already embraced so dearly by her. After our first visit we can openly say that The Villages at Coverley is the ideal place for us to raise our family.  I was immediately sold after taking the tour with Kelvin our guide.  His pleasant demeanor and impressive sale pitches paired with the ambience of such a magnificent place helped us to make our decision on the spot. We were impressed at how lovely the homes were decorated giving us an idea of what we could do ourselves. And not to forget the numerous features within it: solar water heater system, granite counter top, a fully porcelain-tiled interior, ceiling fans in the living room and each bedroom and more, all that would have taken us a period of time to obtain on our own if we were going to build.  What was impressed upon me the most was opportunity my boys would have within a well-manicured backyard to play without the stress of worrying about being injured by an oncoming vehicle. It got better. Kelvin introduced us to the Rent-to-Own programme which allowed us to pay off the 5% of our mortgage.  Where else on the island could you have found a deal like this?  This made it even easier and more affordable to own our piece of the rock. Forget about all the negatives that persons highlight first, that it’s too close, and its too hot and many other frivolous statements. The concept is new and anything new has its fair share of criticism.  Think about that important fact that despite the ever fluctuating home building prices and the dent within our economy that we still have the opportunities to own homes. We sure have. I love it so dearly and can’t get enough of it that every opportunity I get I make a visit to what is now my new home. Just ask any of the sales persons or the tour guides, they see me often. hahaha. Lastly don’t just take my word for it, have a look for yourselves.  The Villages at Coverly is a wonderful place to call home. It has been truly a breath of fresh air as compared to all other packages placed out there called housing solutions. Give it a try you won’t regret it.
  • Ayrton Bannister

    I’m a recent home owner at The Villages and have been 100% satisfied with the process, from my initial tour of the development to the handover of keys to my new home. Sales consultant Kelvin, was friendly and knowledgeable and did a great job finding me the perfect home based on my preferences.  The management team with special mention to Prem, provided me with thorough answers to any questions I had and advised me in areas they thought helpful. It’s great to see the development grow and I’m happy to be a part of it from the early stages!
  • Kellyann Beepat

    It’s amazing how my husband and I drove past The Villages at Coverley several times for months. We would glance at the homes and think that they were too small and close together; definitely not what we wanted. Until, my mum took a tour and was so impressed she mentioned it to us. First of all, the entire Coverley Square as well as the Corporate Offices are well presented and the general cleanliness of the surroundings caught my attention. I was trying to figure out where the garbage was! From the start Nicole (Sales Associate) was the best!! She wasted no time in selling the concept and was able to answer all of our questions. We were so excited about the tour and before it ended we were immediately sold. We met with the Business Manager, Prem, who happens to be one of the most pleasant and responsive Managers I’ve met in this field. He walked us through the entire application process and actually got excited about us being potential homeowners; usually the roles are reversed! All parties involved made the entire process quick and easy to complete, including our lawyer and insurance broker who were charms to work with! We even had a 6:30 a.m. meeting at our request to accommodate our working hours. Now that was service! I couldn’t have asked for a higher level of customer care from everyone involved and it was a warm surprise because I wanted to see how they were going to impress; and they did! What stood out was the way the entire team and supporting vendors went all out to encourage and support our decisions. Trust us, driving along the ABC Highway and viewing the homes is very misleading. We would advise anyone interested in owning their own home to take a tour of the Villages. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!
  • Melanese Wall

    I would say that the area is nice and windy although I don't have a corner lot. It is cool and quiet. I feel comfortable to lay down at night to sleep; I have no fear. I feel safe. Ms. Burnett [my Sales Associate] was sweet. I wasn't sure at first but she encouraged me and helped me. All of the staff are nice. Somebody handpicked them. I like Rondell [Property Manager] bad! He is so helpful. Everybody that steps in my place, they love it. They like the finishes and nobody complains about the space. The neighbours are very friendly. They look out for one another. I have not had a single problem with them. I can only speak for myself but it is perfect for me.
  • Patrick Taylor

    I was reading the Nation newspaper one evening in England, and saw the advertisement about the Villages at Coverley and loved the concept. I decided to go back to the ad after reading one more page, and really fell in love with the concept and really liked it! I then decided to visit Barbados to see the development for myself, after meeting with Debra Burnett my sales agent I decided to invest some of my retirement funds immediately! Debra's efforts to serve me were exemplary; her customer service is second to none! The project is brilliant, and I have passed on the information to many friends and family in the United Kingdom.
  • Margarita and Jeffery

    Dear Sir/Madam, It is with deep satisfaction, that I write this letter of thanks to you, and all the wonderful people at Villages at Coverley. A year ago me, my wife and family made plans to come to Barbados to pursue our dream of finding and purchasing a property that will hopefully become our home there. We wanted something that will be suitable for our Family...Price, Location and Proximity to facilities and amenities were paramount. Some enquiries with added Internet visits lead us to this "PROJECT" being built close to the Airport that apparently could meet our requirements. A visit to Barbados was the only thing left to see what all the hype was about, and Last summer we did just that. We are happy to announce that we found all we were looking for at the "THE VILLAGES at COVERLEY". An initial visit lead to several others during the time we were there. The concept was the most remarkable aspect of the whole thing. The street and names of the various homes was so Bajan, and the onsite facilities was what did it for us. We love LOT #70 in the Avocado area. It is with pleasure that I can remark that the home is now ours. A Sincere note of our heartfelt THANKS and GRATITUDE to Debra, whose Knowledge of the project and remarkable insight about the entire process from initial tour to final purchase can only be described as PROFESSIONAL. Our dealings with her made the whole experience a dream in its simplicity. Without hesitation, I highly recommend the Villages of Coverley to anyone looking for a home in one of the best places to live in Barbados. Sincerley, Margarita and Jeffrey.
  • Jacqueline Devonish

    The Villages at Coverley - At first glance from the ABC Highway the visual appearance of the Villages on the right hand side outside the airport, with many roof tops, was not enticing. However, I was hooked after the official tour. The sales staff needed to do little to extol the virtues of this new concept in housing. The development is bright, clean, neat and well managed. All the staff are highly efficient and clearly believe in the concept – and so do I. The knowledgeable, patient and helpful sales staff can provide information and point you towards the services of reliable trades. I have found that a home located in the Villages offers personal and property safety, ease of maintenance, and desirable neighbours. For the fixed pricing policy the homes only require you to arrive with light bulbs, your bedroom and living room furniture. Even then, the furniture packages on offer are of a high standard. Since moving into my bright, airy and breezy home I have come to realise that the property offers sufficient living space for up to six adults, with the substantial garage, front or rear veranda, and garden space. Each house comes fully fenced in, so the 'zero landlines' idea does not become an immediate issue. The kitchens are well designed and include the cooker, fridge, cabinets and washer dryer powered by natural gas. The development concept works for me as it is easy inexpensive living, and offers a good sound support structure from the Village team. Excitement is building around the development of the town centre, which will no doubt add significant value to the properties and bring the Village to life. This will enable local Barbadians to access retail and entertainment services too. There will be no need to travel to Bridgetown for Banks, gas, food, clothes, day care or ice cream! Everything including a bowling alley will be available on site. For me, this purchase was a great value for money, all inclusive investment. Collecting the keys and fitting the light bulbs was the greatest moment for me in 2012. I now own a piece of paradise at an affordable price!!
  • Veldeen Pitt

    I am so overwhelmed. The Sales team all made me feel so welcome even on a rainy afternoon for a tour and that says a whole lot. They are doing a fantastic job. When it comes to Sandra, she kept telling me make an appointment to come and see the homes. Well perseverance seldom fails. Each time I could not make the appointments because of high demand of my job, so there again patient Germyn and Sandra kept booking appointments one after one. Anyway by having the tour I now understand the dream. I want to live the dream... Now I am speechless. I love this international style of living.
  • Sonia Patrick Forde

    Well I toured for myself, and despite all the negative reports, I was impressed with what you can get for your money, good appliances, excellent tiles and great utilization of the space. I am looking forward to homeownership here, just confused about which lot, thanks Sandra - excellent tour guide, great salesman.
  • Kevin Blackman

    Before becoming a homeowner in The Villages at Coverley, I had been in the property market for over a year, and was faced with the choice of whether to build or to buy. I read various property magazines and viewed properties on the market, had the assistance of Real Estate agents, but nothing interested me. Then I was introduced to the Villages at Coverley by the Sales Manager, Ingrid. She talked to me in detail about The Villages, and before even viewing a house, I was sold on the idea of living there. The concept is new to Barbados, and the precision with which it has been executed by the developer is unparalleled. The Team at The Villages assisted me at every stage of the process - from choosing a property, to facilitating my interaction with various financial institutions, following up with all the legal parties involved, and finally making the dream a reality with the receipt of my house keys. Certainly for a first-time homeowner, this structured approach removed many of the challenges involved in owning a "piece of the rock." They ensured that each stage of the process was expedited, and handled to my liking. I had many questions along the way, and they were handled without delay, and to my complete satisfaction by the Sales Manager. The level of service and interest exhibited by her is in my opinion unmatched in many business sectors in our island. I believe that in a market with many competitors, such as the housing market, the only way to truly differentiate from the others is to have a quality product offering, backed by a knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient service level, and Ingrid's involvement certainly achieved that. I have no problem with the covenants in existence at The Villages, as they are designed to foster peace, clean surroundings, and harmony within the community and among the residents. When I first drove through The Villages, the neatness, lack of garbage/rubbish, and virtually spotless surroundings grabbed my attention. This permeates throughout the development, lending to a freshness and an atmosphere of relaxation and pure comfort. And the houses - I could not believe that the product offering includes in the price: a refrigerator, stove, washing machine/dryer combo, solar water heating, a fully porcelain-tiled interior, ceiling fans in the living room and each bedroom, landscaping for your property, and houses fully wired for fast, reliable internet, telephone and multi-channel/satellite television options. There is also provision for natural gas on each property, which services your stove and dryer. The interior finishes are of a high standard, and much detail and thought has been input into every home to make it a comfortable experience for you. In addition there are many optional features one can include, at your own expense, but which The Villages will facilitate for your convenience, such as additional interior cupboard and storage options, air conditioning, conversion/extension of rooms or your garage, and outdoor options as well. So there are several ways in which one can customize your home, and make it unique, and these options are constantly evolving. And after you become a homeowner, the Property Manger – Rondell is available to deal with any of your concerns. This is ideal, because often, after one purchases a product, the after sales service is extremely weak – but not so in the case of The Villages. So I now own a "piece of the rock" – after a wonderful experience from touring to receiving house keys. Thanks to The Villages, and thank you Ingrid.